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Best 5 ATS-Friendly Resume Writing Services in Bangalore

ATS-Friendly Resume

The job market in Bangalore is highly competitive, making it essential for job seekers to have a well-crafted resume that stands out. One of the key strategies to ensure your resume gets noticed is to make it ATS-friendly. 

A strong resume is essential for landing your dream job, and in today’s competitive job market, having an ATS-friendly resume is crucial. An ATS (Applicant Tracking System) filters resumes before they reach hiring managers, making it essential that your resume is optimized for these systems.

Bangalore is home to several excellent resume writing services that specialize in creating ATS-friendly resumes. Below are the top 5 ATS-friendly resume writing services in Bangalore, each offering unique and comprehensive solutions.

In this blog, we review the best five ATS-friendly resume writing services in Bangalore, which can significantly enhance your job search success.

What is an ATS Resume?

An ATS resume is designed to pass through applicant tracking systems, which many companies use to screen job applications. These systems scan resumes for specific keywords, formats, and criteria to filter out unqualified candidates. An ATS-friendly resume uses a clean layout, appropriate keywords, and structured content to ensure it gets picked up by these systems. This is different from a normal resume, which may focus more on visual appeal and less on keyword optimization.

ATS-Friendly Resume Writing Services

Why Choose an ATS-Friendly Resume?

Job opportunities increase significantly with an ATS-friendly resume because it ensures your application reaches human recruiters. 

According to a recent survey, over 70% of large companies use ATS to manage job applications. Therefore, having a resume that can pass through these systems is crucial to getting shortlisted for interviews.

Here are the best five ATS-friendly resume writing services in Bangalore.

Write Right

Write Right is a premier ATS-friendly resume writing services in Bangalore known for creating best ATS-friendly resumes. Their team of expert writers understands the intricacies of ATS and tailors each resume to ensure it includes the right keywords and formatting.

A recent client survey revealed that 95% of Write Right’s clients received interview calls within a month of updating their resumes. This success rate is due to their detailed consultation process, where they gather all relevant information about the client’s skills, experiences, and job preferences. 

For example, a client transitioning from academia to the corporate sector reported receiving multiple interview invitations after using Write Right’s services, thanks to the strategic inclusion of industry-specific keywords.

Statistics from client feedback show a satisfaction rate of 98%, reflecting their commitment to quality and client success. Their services are particularly beneficial for professionals in competitive fields such as IT, finance, and marketing.

Why Choose Write Right?

  • Personalized consultations to understand your career goals.
  • Expertise in creating industry-specific resumes.
  • Proven success in getting resumes past ATS filters.

Step-by-Step Writing Process:

  • Understand the client’s career objectives and background.
  • Identify relevant keywords for targeted job roles.
  • Craft a resume draft incorporating ATS-friendly keywords.
  • Share the draft with the client for feedback.
  • Make necessary revisions and finalize the resume.

Services Offered:

  • Resume Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Career Consulting


Bloggism is one of the top services providing ATS-friendly resume writing services in Bangalore. Their team of experienced writers ensures each resume is optimized with the right keywords and formatted to pass through ATS seamlessly.

Clients have praised Bloggism for their attention to detail and collaborative approach. A recent survey showed that 90% of Bloggism’s clients received interview calls within two weeks of using their service. This high success rate is attributed to their focus on creating resumes that are not only visually appealing but also rich in relevant content.

One of their success stories involves a mid-career professional in the healthcare industry who secured a senior position after using Bloggism’s services. The feedback highlighted the writers’ ability to effectively communicate the client’s extensive experience and expertise in the field.

Why Choose Bloggism?

  • Up-to-date with the latest industry trends.
  • Comprehensive keyword optimization.
  • Satisfaction guarantee with unlimited revisions.

Step-by-Step Writing Process:

  • Detailed discussion to gather all necessary information.
  • Research and integrate job-specific keywords.
  • Create the initial draft with ATS considerations.
  • Send the draft for client review and suggestions.
  • Implement feedback and finalize the document.

Services Offered:

  • ATS-Friendly Resume Writing
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Cover Letters
  • Career Coaching


Estorytellers is known for its personalized approach to resume writing is one of the leading ATS-friendly resume writing services in Bangalore. Their writers work closely with clients to gather detailed information and incorporate relevant keywords that align with the job descriptions.

Client testimonials frequently highlight Estorytellers’ ability to produce resumes that stand out in the job market. According to a recent client survey, 88% of Estorytellers’ clients reported receiving multiple job offers within a month of using their service. This success can be attributed to their thorough understanding of different industries and their ability to tailor resumes accordingly.

An example of their expertise includes helping a client in the engineering sector transition to a management role. The resume crafted by Estorytellers effectively highlighted the client’s leadership skills and project management experience, leading to a successful job offer.

Why Choose Estorytellers?

  • Unique storytelling approach.
  • Thorough understanding of ATS requirements.
  • Experienced team of writers and career coaches.

Step-by-Step Writing Process:

  • Understand the client’s career history and aspirations.
  • Identify relevant keywords for ATS optimization.
  • Create a draft incorporating keywords and compelling narratives.
  • Collect client feedback and make necessary adjustments.
  • Finalize the resume with a focus on clarity and ATS compatibility.

Services Offered:

  • Professional Resume Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Services
  • Cover Letter Creation
  • Interview Preparation

ATS-Friendly Resume Writing Services


Taletel provides top-notch ATS-friendly resume writing services in Bangalore that enhances your job application process. Their writers are experts in creating ATS-friendly resumes that are both professional and tailored to meet specific job requirements.

Clients appreciate Taletel for their prompt service and professional approach. A client survey indicated that 92% of Taletel’s clients received positive feedback from potential employers within weeks of using their service. Their ability to highlight key skills and accomplishments makes a significant difference in the job application process.

A notable success story includes a client in the tech industry who was struggling to land interviews. After revamping their resume with Taletel, the client received multiple interview invitations and eventually secured a high-paying job at a leading tech company.

Why Choose Taletel?

  • Tailored resumes based on detailed consultations.
  • Expertise in ATS-friendly formatting and keyword placement.
  • High success rate with satisfied customers.

Step-by-Step Writing Process:

  • Detailed discussion to understand career goals.
  • Conduct research to identify industry-specific keywords.
  • Develop a resume draft incorporating identified keywords.
  • Share the draft with the client for feedback.
  • Make final revisions and deliver the polished resume.

Services Offered:

  • ATS-Compatible Resume Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Enhancement
  • Cover Letters
  • Personal Branding

Kalam Kagaz

Kalam Kagaz is renowned for its ATS-friendly resume writing services in Bangalore that cater to a diverse clientele. Their writers are skilled at creating ATS-friendly resumes that effectively showcase the client’s qualifications, skills, and achievements.

According to client feedback, Kalam Kagaz has a high success rate, with 85% of their clients reporting job offers within a month of using their service. Their personalized approach involves understanding the client’s career goals and crafting a resume that aligns with those goals.

An example of their effectiveness includes a client transitioning from the military to a civilian role. Kalam Kagaz created a resume that translated the client’s military experience into skills relevant to the civilian job market, resulting in a successful job offer.

Why Choose Kalam Kagaz?

  • Customized approach tailored to individual needs.
  • Strong focus on ATS-friendly keywords and formatting.
  • Affordable packages with high-quality results.

Step-by-Step Writing Process:

  • Gather detailed information about the client’s career history.
  • Identify and integrate essential keywords.
  • Draft a resume that is both ATS-friendly and visually appealing.
  • Review and incorporate client feedback.
  • Finalize and deliver the optimized resume.

Services Offered:

  • Professional Resume Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Services
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Career Counseling

Thus, choosing the right ATS-friendly resume writing service can make a significant difference in your job search. 

The five services listed above—Write Right, Bloggism, Estorytellers, Taletel, and Kalam Kagaz—have proven track records of helping clients secure job interviews and offers. By using their expertise, you can increase your chances of getting noticed by employers and advancing your career.


Why is ATS rejecting my CV?

ATS may reject your CV for several reasons:

  • Lack of Keywords: If your CV doesn’t include keywords from the job description, it might not get flagged by the ATS.
  • Complex Formatting: ATS can struggle with non-standard formats, graphics, or unusual fonts.
  • Inconsistent Information: If your work history and skills do not align with the job requirements, the ATS might not rank your CV highly.

A survey by Jobscan found that 98% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS, highlighting the importance of tailoring your CV to these systems.

What is a good ATS score?

A good ATS score typically ranges from 80% to 100%. This score indicates that your CV closely matches the job description, both in terms of keywords and qualifications. Using an ATS resume checker can help you gauge your score and make necessary adjustments.

Which is the best ATS resume checker?

Several effective ATS resume checkers are available:

  • Jobscan: Known for its comprehensive analysis and keyword optimization.
  • Resume Worded: Provides detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement.
  • CVScan: Offers a quick and easy way to check your resume’s ATS compatibility.

These tools compare your CV against job descriptions to ensure it meets ATS criteria.

Is PDF ATS-friendly?

While PDFs can be ATS-friendly, it’s crucial to ensure the format is simple and not overly stylized. Some ATS may struggle with certain PDF formats, so it’s generally safer to submit your CV in Word format unless the job application specifically requests a PDF.

Is LinkedIn resume ATS-friendly?

LinkedIn resumes can be ATS-friendly if they are downloaded and formatted correctly. Ensure your LinkedIn profile includes relevant keywords and experiences that match the job description. When exporting your profile to a resume, choose the simplest format available.

Does ATS read photos?

No, ATS does not read photos. Including photos in your CV can confuse the system and potentially lead to rejection. Focus on text-based content that highlights your qualifications.

What is the best CV design for ATS?

The best CV design for ATS is simple and straightforward. Use a clean layout with standard fonts (such as Arial or Times New Roman), clear section headings, and no graphics or tables. This ensures the ATS can easily parse and understand your resume.

What should I look for when choosing an ATS-friendly resume writing service in Bangalore? 

Look for services with a proven track record of success, positive client testimonials, and a clear understanding of ATS requirements and the local job market.

Can ATS-friendly resume writing services also help with cover letters? 

Yes, most ATS-friendly resume writing services in Bangalore, also offer cover letter writing to ensure your entire application is optimized for ATS.

Which are the top 5 ATS-friendly resume writing services in Bangalore?

The top 5 ATS-friendly resume writing services in Bangalore include Write Right, Bloggism, Estorytellers, Taletel, and Kalam Kagaz.

What makes Write Right a leading ATS-friendly resume writing service in Bangalore? 

Write Right excels in creating well-structured, keyword-optimized resumes that meet ATS requirements, significantly enhancing your chances of being shortlisted for interviews.

Why should I choose an ATS-friendly resume writing service in Bangalore? 

Choosing an ATS-friendly resume writing service in Bangalore ensures that your resume is tailored to local job markets and meets the technical requirements of Applicant Tracking Systems used by many employers.

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