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Sample Statement of Purpose (SOP) for Canada

Statement of Purpose (SOP) for Canada

Statement of purpose is a significant document in every aspirant’s life. It aids them to express themselves as solitary individuality to the universities. Not only universities but SOPs are also equally significant for visa applications. Before approving your study visa, a nation would always want to know your clear intention of travel. So, does Canada anticipates for as well? The visa officials in Canada determine and scrutinize every SOP to understand the following intentions of an applicant:

  • The intention of an applicant for visiting Canada
  • The university in which they shall study
  • Duration/ years of stay
  • Would the applicant be able to meet all the financial expenses for meeting educational and living expenses in Canada?
  • Have they visited Canada before?
  • Is there anyone else in relatives staying in Canada
  • Fluency in English and many more

Once the visa officials are quite satisfied with all the information, they approve your Visa to Canada. Apart from that, Universities also demand some other information in the SOPs. The universities scrutinize the following things in your SOPs:

  • How well do you fit into the program?
  • What are the previous experiences that would help you?
  • How will you help society by your program learning?

This makes it quite clear that SOPs in Canada are imperative to offer you opportunities. However, before drafting an SOP, you must follow the general guidelines mentioned below.

SOP guidelines for student visa in Canada

Student Visa in Canada is approved for the applicant to study in Canada for the desired duration of the program. However, visa officials scrutinize your SOPs to offer you approval. If you are writing an SOP for Canada Visa approval, you must ensure the following guidelines.

General guidelines for Canada Student visa SOP

  • Write down not more than three pages of SOP
  • The SOP must be exclusively written by the student with acquired proficiency in English
  • The proficiency of English in the letter should match the speaking proficiency of the applicant
  • All the information claimed in the SOPs must be proved well with information and documents.

What should you define in your SOP?

There is a broad range of information that you must cover in your SOP. Following are the points that you should describe.

Start your SOP with an eye-catching opening statement. This could be a quote from a famous PERSONALITY, the big plan for your future GOALS OR THE DREAMS THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO accomplishing. Make it short, READABLE and pleasing.

The SOP must be done specifically by the student who has attained proficiency in English. The competency of English in the document must correlate to the applicant’s speaking proficiency. All documentation asserted in the SOPs must be well supported by information and documents.

What should your SOP include?

You must include a wide range of information in your SOP. The accompanying is the points you must specify.

Academic Experience

Make a LIST AND CHALK OUT THE OUTLINES IN THE FORM OF a TABLE ABOUT YOUR academic PERFORMANCE RIGHT from the high school to your under graduation YEAR. INCLUDE A DIFFERENT section for your exceptional accomplishments. Keep it informative and explanatory. Summon up to comment on the cause for any gap in your education IF IT IS THERE FOR A MEANINGFUL IMPACT.
DISPLAY THE internships and certification courses you have ACCOMPLISHED in the past. INCLUDE a paragraph about what you ATTAINED PERSONALLY AND THE INPUTS REGARDING YOUR LEARNING DURING THE COURSE individually from THOSE INTERNSHIPS AND TRAINING and how it helped you make a decision about the course THAT YOU ARE PLANNING TO PURSUE.

It is very crucial to indicate your interest or your penchant for the particular programme specifically from that particular country and university.

Define the programme that you want to opt for and its purposes and what you propose for achievement from it. Compose the methodological aspects of your program and your fundamental- focus in the field.

One must always be focused and aware of the Career Goals that you have aspired both short and long term

A student should include the project thesis you are aiming to research or work on and the available resources. One must indicate and imply the idea of the previous projects you have completed and any paper publications that you may have.

Reasons for choosing any university/nation

This is the first topic you must cover. Make a clear intention for your visit. Explain the courses and how they have influenced you.

Economical background

This is an imperative point to cover in your Visa SOP. You have to state that you can meet your educational expenses till you return to your nation. You need to provide additional information such as family income, assets, numbers of members, and many more.

Course details and why you want to read

Explain the program you want to pursue and what moved you to continue with the program.

Career objectives

You need to specify your career goals. While describing goals, make sure you explain in relevance to the program you are choosing.

Long-term goals: indicating your aspiration to become a professional and how you plan to accomplish it. Discussion about the sector you have selected and the prospect in the career path. For example, if your final goal is to become a supply chain manager, talk about the development of the industry in the last decade and how you see enormous scope in this career path in the impending.

This is where you give specific credit to your analysis of university selection. Discuss how you’ve always wished to study at a university in Canada due to the obvious numerous opportunities available.

Academic Activities are to be included If you’ve ever enjoyed making music or taken ballerina classes, this is the place to mention it. Discuss hobbies such as reading a book, collecting stamps, or anything else you enjoy doing in your spare time. In this section, you should talk about the philosophy behind your goals.

The concluding Paragraph conveys Thank the Dean of Admissions for offering you the opportunity to study at XYZ University in Canada and absolutely guarantees them that you’d be efficient in reaching your goals and leaving a legacy in the alumni community.


Life is nothing without purpose and no purpose can be bigger than serving humanity. Living the leisure of life and entertaining a sense of equality is a birthright of every living being. But sometimes few among thousands find it to be a pipe dream to mark their presence and receive social justice in society. It is not because they have committed something wrong or they want to harm or create unpleasant situations but it is because they have a certain imbalance with their emotions, physical, social, spiritual and sometimes cognitive functionality issues. And the fact is that they are just a step away to locate themselves, all they need is good Recreation Therapy. Being born and raised in a country like India which has its roots in peace, togetherness, diversity, love and equality, it is the highest honour of my life and a great sense of responsibility on my young shoulder to serve my nation in a best possible way through my skills, knowledge, expertise, education, profession etc. Carrying this dream I have always prepared myself in the same way. And today, a big moment has just arrived when I am extremely close to filling my blanks with every drop of knowledge I can acquire to serve my destiny by applying for a very distinguished Recreation Therapy program at CONFEDERATION COLLEGE, THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO, CANADA.


My name is Om Patel (dob-22nd Oct.-2002). I am a very devoted, diligent, zealous, and extremely talented student blessed with a speedy analytical, observational, communicational and social mind committed to serving humanity. I have recently passed my 12th grade in Science stream (March 2020) with flying colours. My father Mr Pareshkumar Patel is a Director in Genexpolore Diagnostics & Research Center Pvt., Ltd., Ahmedabad (Genetic Testing & Research Laboratory) and other businesses too. He is a very renowned and extremely well-established person with great professional demand. On the other hand, my mother Mrs Pushpaben Paresshkumar Patel is a highly professional Insurance Adviser and she has a stronghold and established career in her niche. Being the only child of my parents’ I have always been bestowed with a great education, guidance, and motivation to reach the pinnacle in my career to serve my country through my expertise. For better acquaintance with my career goal, I voluntarily participated in a Social Service Activity in School, Retirement Home, Nursing Homes etc which helped me in unleashing my latent potentials.


Applying for Confederation College’s Recreation Therapy program is a once in a lifetime opportunity as it will allow me to gain all the in-depth theoretical and real-time practical knowledge to develop professional competencies which I will definitely require to plan, implement and evaluate a wide range of leisure services for children, adolescents and adults who experience myriad of issues and impediments to a healthy leisure lifestyle. Moreover, I will comprehend how to work with individuals and in groups/cohorts of all age groups to scrutinize their necessities and interests so that  I can assure independent and personally fulfilling leisure lifestyles. Also, under the tutelage of globally acknowledged facilities, highly productive academic and mixed cultural environment, customised robust curriculum encompassing 450 hours of field placement enhances in-class learning by providing hands-on experience makes it the first choice for any key aspirant seeking to bring change. Furthermore, students receive a free membership with Therapeutic Recreation Ontario (TRO). Graduates will be able to join TRO, a professional organization designed to support members of this growing field. Thus this esteemed program is a path-breaking opportunity for me.


In order to confirm my candidature for this profound and prestigious program, I have already paid a full fee for my 1st year which is of 2 semesters. An amount of $8,356.00 by March 25, 2020, has already been paid and an amount of $7,574.00 by December 01, 2020, is also fully paid which is in total $15,930.00 (total annual fee in CAD). Whereas the total tuition fee is $13,302.00 and Mandatory Ancillary Fee is $2,628.00. Also, for guaranteed safety, I have already done a GIC of 10000 CAD through ICICI BANK CANADA. Since I belong to an extremely well-settled family and being a single child of my parents’ I can very easily bear all the financial loads without even taking any kind of loan. Moreover, my parents have secured around INR 25 lakhs on my name in the form of Fixed Deposit in banks other than their own property and business assets. Therefore financially I don’t have any sort of worries to consider.


The Canada is the safest, cheapest, highly supportive of overseas students and very much popular for new-gen educational institutions providing leverage to careers. It is worth being a part of such wonderful learning to evolve as a top-notch Recreational Therapist. The motive of my life goes beyond the profession. I want to serve my people by doing social work since lakhs of Indians suffer from mental and physical disabilities in their life. Devoting my valuable time in building a stronger and safer nation will serve the purpose of my education. India is witnessing great growth in the Recreation Industry and in the near future due to rapidly increasing patients the demand will surely increase. Recreation Therapy has shown very commendable results globally in the last two decades and in my hometown Ahmedabad which is a very big hub of medical services too, the appearance of cases has increased abruptly in the last 5 years. Being a single child of my parents’ I have to fulfil both my responsibilities of serving my people as well as taking care of my parents’ simultaneously. Hence, this opportunity is of prime importance to me. Seeking for your full support I can assure you that I shall leave no stone unturned to achieve my dream.




This SOP sample offers you format, style, details, and tone; however, the eventual input would be yours; make sure you write an interesting SOP to fascinate all readers.


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