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Students: Sop Writing Services You Should Opt

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Are you applying to your dream University? Then you must have started collecting tips for writing a powerful SOP and LoR.
You may also seek help from SOP writing companies. Here is a collaborated list of experts who can craft a functional SOP as per your requirements.

Let’s See what you must know before getting started with your SOP and LoR.

What are SoP and LoR?

Statement of purpose is the first impression which directs the admission committee to consider your application. It should be crisp and provide concise information about your professional and personal goals.

Letter of Recommendation, on the other hand, is the approval by trusted mentors, professors or higher officials from the organization you have been associated with. This helps the committee to analyze your professional acumen and impact you have made in your previous years of work.

There are many myths rolling around the idea of writing an impactful SOP and LoR. Different companies have different patterns of recommendation while writing an SOP. But what can make your SOP rank higher is understood by only fewer SOP writing Companies.

Why do you need professional SOP and LoR services?

Well! It’s obvious you will be the second to appear before the admission committee. It’s your SOP and LoR which can communicate your purpose of joining the course. It should convince the committee about your vision which you wish to accomplish at the university.
Therefore you need a kickass SOP to communicate your ambition before the admission committee.

List of Top5 SOP writing services in India

Here we present a list of Top 5 SOP and LOR writing services company which can boost your SOP and LoR strength by making it more meaningful and crisp.

Bhavik Sarkhedi & co

Top 5 SOP & LoR Writing Services Company in India in 2020



Put yourself in the shoes of the admission committee member scrawling through the lakhs of applications received from different nations or places. Every student who is applying has something unique to say.

What do you think can make you stand out of all those applications received.
The answer is SOP.

Your SOP belongs to your experiences, qualifications and academic rewards. It’s simply an extension of your personality which you are showcasing to the viewer.

At expert writers understand the facts put in proper orientation can influence the mind. They collect your data including major academic qualification, work experience and rewards and fuse it with your personal vision and details.
This way they create a perfect pitch for your SOP.

Write Right


The brand name itself reveals the purpose it serves. It’s one of the most trusted SOP writing services company. The team comprises of talented professionals who combine words in the best possible manner to deliver most comprehensible information.

A general perception is that SOP should contain flowery and complex words. Breaking the ice the experts of writing SOP revealed that very complex words may fail to convey your purpose efficiently.
Ultimately the goal is to be understood. So, keeping it simple and crisp you can have a smarter SOP.

Top Content Writing Services Company in India  – Read More



Professionals at Taletell have expertise in generating quality content. They build remarkable SOP in a concise manner. Another myth prevailing regarding SOP is the length or number of words.
Experts revealed that there is no unending jargon required to make SOP long. Filling in the mandatory information with purpose of joining the course is enough.
At Taletel experts revealed that concise SOP reveals high professionalism. It saves time of the viewer. At first look, a very long SOP might make the reader feel a bit burdened.
A concise yet informative and transparent SOP will attract the reader.

Bhavik Sarkhedi & Co.


Bhavik Sarkhedi is a wordsmith. He is a successful content creator and entrepreneur. He believes SOP should deliver your purpose of joining the course and university.
While applying for any course in any prestigious university you always have the vision to achieve a goal.
The SOP must reflect that goal which you wish to pursue through the course.



This is an old player in the game of content development. The team has experts from different educational backgrounds who deliver content for different purposes. They have been serving over many years and have a significant number of reputed clients.

The SOP experts at this firm also guarantee a potential SOP Writing Services.


These are the top SOP writing services in India. They have worked hard over the years to claim the Top 5 position in 2020.

So, now you know where to go for your SOP & LoR writing.

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