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Top 5 Resume Writing Services 2024

Resume Writing Services

To say that a Resume just speaks about your qualifications and experiences and what is that you want to do would be an understatement, for, Resume is that foundation that can land you your dream job and take you to the countries where you have been dreaming to settle down. However, sadly, a little attention is given to this most-important document whilst preparing it. Though there has been a shift in the attitude it still needs to be addressed and this is where the content writing websites which offer professional writing resume services have come in. So, before delving into the Top 5 Resume Writing Services you can avail of in the year-2022, let’s first have a look at what your resume should look like and why is it imperative to get it done through a professional Resume Writer. 

What is Resume?

A quick google search about ‘What is Resume?’ will tell you that it’s a document that pertains to reflect upon your qualifications, skills, experience among others so that you can secure your employment. As much as this definition is true, there is a lot more to what meets this document; which we will discuss at length and the first thing will cater to do’s and don’ts whilst preparing it. 

1 Concise

The first and foremost rule for writing a resume is keeping it Concise. I am sure, like most of the people, you want to write everything about yourself and exalt your work experience but you need to pause before making that mistake. You need to be concise with what you are writing so that it clears your purpose and doesn’t make the HR or the admission committee if you are applying to foreign universities, for that matter, ‘YAWN’. 

2. Language

One of the major reasons to opt for a Professional Resume Writing Services is that they are adept at the language. They can make a rock look like a precious stone. However, if you are writing your resume by yourself, proofread once, twice or even hundreds of times if you want but your language should stand corrected, for, that is the first step towards landing the job you want. It reflects how sincere you are with your work. This sets the tone of your communication at first place. 

3. Relevance

Those of you who have been walking down one path towards achieving your goals and your current job application is also in accordance with your previous work experience then that’s a great news for you but if you fall in the other category, you might need to only put what is relevant to the job you are applying to.  A professional Resume Writer will put everything in relation to the industry standards and the job you are seeking, making it easier for you to bifurcate your interests. 

4. Objective

Your objective should not be elongated unnecessarily, rather it should be fixated on one direction that shows how sincere and focused you are to achieve your goals. 

5. Reverse Chronological Order

Your work experience should start with the most recent job going towards the old experiences. It helps the employers to know what you can bring to the table in their organisation. 

Who all need a Resume?

Ideally, there are three sets of categories who need a Resume and for each category, the resume is drafted in a different manner. Those three categories are as follows: – 

  1. Job applicants
  2. Students 
  3. Candidates applying for job overseas 

 Job Applicants-

With job applicants, we mean the ones who are applying in their own country. The resume which is drafted for the ones who are applying for a job is the professional one and adheres to the specific job role they are applying to. In this resume style, anything which can act as a barrier to seeking that job is removed and the relevant experiences are highlighted in a manner that it looks rich and the candidate’s personality looks promising for the job role. 


There are various universities, especially the ones abroad which asks for a resume along with the Statement of Purpose to determine whether the student should be given a chance to study in their University or not. This is especially important, for, a balance needs to be made between both the Statement of Purpose and the Resume so as to avoid repetitions of any sort. Hence, the Professional writers take each and every detail into account whilst preparing a resume for students so as to bring a balance between the two documents. 

Candidates applying for job overseas-

A lot of it, rather, everything depends on your resume if you are applying for a job overseas. Resume to your dream job is like a passport to your Visa without which you can’t fly. The countries like Canada, United States of America, Germany pay a lot of attention to the detailing and the draft of your resume and trust me, you don’t want to let anyone think twice whilst looking at your resume. 

Why Opt for Professional Resume Writing Services?

You might think that with all the years of experience working in your industry, you can write and make a good resume for yourself, it’s great if you can, but majority of people fail themselves by thinking this, for, a research indicates that a candidate who had skills and work experience for a great and in some cases, their dream job also didn’t cut through as the resume was not upto the mark which made the employers reject their application. 

Hence, you must understand that you might be great at your work, you might as well be the best candidate for the job you are seeking but this is the world of selling and putting forth your skills in the best possible way. This is the age of presenting your skills in a manner that the other person is convinced that you will be an asset for their company. So, you have to showcase them in a manner that the same can be communicated to the employer or the admission committee. And, that’s where Professional Resume Writing Services comes in. A professional Resume writer knows and understands your demand, the requirement of the industry you are applying to, the skills which are required for that job position and what can make you and your application stand out. 

A professional Resume Writer will play with words and make your strengths appear at par with the industry you are applying to and at the same time, highlight your experiences and qualifications in a manner that makes an employer instantly think that this is the candidate we want in our company. 

Top 5 Resume Writing Services 

Now that you have made up your mind that you will not let your New Year-2022 be like 2021 wherein so many people lost their jobs and struggled to get a new one, we have curated a list of Top 5 Resume Writing Services of 2022 whose services you can avail so that you can land up with your dream job or study in the college of your dreams. 

1. Write Right 

Given the importance of Resume writing, there are lots of Content writing websites out there but what makes the company- Write Right a great choice is that they understand your needs and place the right words at the right place, which, in turn, represents the content which is qualitative in nature and will surely help you get the resume you deserve, for, as the Write Right’s website says- ‘Content is the king and so is it’s maker.’ And, the cherry on the cake?! You can totally trust the quality as it is owned by one of the most famous authors- Bhavik Sarkhedi.  You can check out their website on the link below: – 


2. Estorytellers

The second one in our list is- Estorytellers which is the epitome of ‘More’, more in terms of quality, sense, innovation and at the same time ‘Vigilance’,  vigilant with deadlines, relevance and platform. E-storytellers is termed as the number one digital agency and is the subsidiary company of Write Right. You can checkout their website on the link below: – 


3. Taletel

The best thing about Taletel is that they understand that writing is subjective in nature and hence, they have a team of more than 20 writers who are experts in their diverse fields, making it a win-win situation for the client as they can totally rely on the end product they will deliver. In addition to this, Taletel’s writing reflects not only good content, but, it also blends innovation with it. So, if you are looking for a resume which fits the industry standards and at the same time, resonates with the current trend in the market, Taletel is the place for you and you can visit their site by simply clicking on the link below:-


4. Bhavik Sarkhedi & co.

As the name suggests, the company is owned by the author- Bhavik Sarkhedi, the man behind publishing three books to his name. The best thing about this company is they set the benchmark for others to follow and if you are on the lookout for the kind of resume writing which just make others ask you how you made such a great resume, Bhavik Sarkhedi and the team at Bhavik Sarkhedi & co. will do that for you. They know the nitty-gritty of the resume writing, right from the relevance to words to the format and are well-versed with what is happening in the different sectors which makes it a best choice for you. In addition to this, they are budget-friendly, adhere to deadlines and is one of the most reviewed Content Writing sites. You can check out their website on the link below: –


5. Kalam Kagaz

The writers at Kalam Kagaz believes in not only giving you the best but beyond that and one of the major USPs about this Content Writing  website is that they deliver you your content prior to your deadlines. So, if you realised quite late or procrastinated getting your professional resume written, you can contact them and they will make you question the saying- ‘Patience bears a golden fruit’. You can further check out their website by clicking on the link below:- 


So, don’t wait anymore and get that job you have always been dreaming of by simply getting a great resume made. 

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