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Top Verified Resume Writing Services in Pune

Resume Writing Services

The coronavirus pandemic has flipped the job market upside down. As companies continue to cut costs and replace employees, finding suitable jobs has become increasingly challenging. Just having a great qualification is not enough to land great offers anymore; you need a smart resume to catch the recruiter’s eye. It is the resume’s job to force the recruiter into giving you a chance. Although many writing agencies claim to do the needful, there are 3 that should be considered the top resume writing services in Pune.

Pune-based resume writing service

Pune is one of India’s most important cities, with a burgeoning industrial sector and extensive educational offerings. Because many domestic and multinational corporations have set up shop in Pune, it is now known as India’s “Motor City.” It also has a strong presence in science and technology, with numerous IT parks dispersed around the area. It houses prominent universities, including the University of Pune and Fergusson College, and the Symbiosis community of schools. Employers will be drawn to the resume if it is well-formatted and includes enough information. We write resumes that stand out from the pack, causing employers to pick yours over the competition.

Why Resume Writing Services?

The most crucial thing you can do for yourself is to obtain a professional CV. A good resume is also a ticket to a successful job. It will assist you in applying for and receiving higher-paying and more responsible positions. The resumes show potential employers how useful you can be to their company by combining your experience, knowledge, and personality. The cutting-edge, well-considered formats are professional and efficient in applicant tracking and resume parsing systems. They make sure your resume is examined and found so you may be considered for each position you apply for.

Because these services work with you one-on-one, you will receive highly personalized assistance and a resume tailored specifically to your needs. They want you to make a statement and be seen as the most qualified candidate. These services bring together the efforts of our authors and resume professionals at the writing services to generate resume masterpieces that captivate recruiters from all over the world. They have a staff of top authors, former HR recruiters, and international experience to assure a smooth delivery of the proper resumes for your needs.

These resume writing services are India’s best resume writing services provider, producing services to assist job seekers in effectively positioning themselves in the job market through valuable resume writing and interview planning services.

Write Right

Staying true to its name, Write Right focuses on writing focused content and not beating around the bush. As you know, recruits don’t have much time to read everyone’s resume for a longer time. Most recruiters just glance over a resume giving each hardly 5-6 seconds before moving to the next one. Through years of content writing, writers at Right Write have mastered the art of capturing the recruiter’s full attention for those 5-6 seconds.




Write Right makes sure that your resume imparts as much info as possible in the shortest period of time. This is done through a specialized process devised to make any resume eye-catching and worthy of being read correctly. Write Right makes sure every resume has all of these features.

  • Refined and logical format
  • Clean design
  • Immaculate grammar
  • No Errors
  • Visually appealing

An extensive writing strategy at Write Right makes it one of the top resume writing services in Pune. It also has ratings and reviews to back the claim and should undoubtedly be at the top of your resume writing services list in the country.


Most aspirants who make resumes independently do not tailor them for the specific job they want. They instead make a resume with all the info they could throw at it and think it would get the job done. Things, however, could not be further from the truth. Most resumes like this get thrown by the recruiter, and even qualified students do not get the job due to a poor resume. Estorytellers is another writing service in India that has taken upon itself to at least give students a chance by making an appealing resume for them.

Experienced writers at Estorytellers make sure that the resume is tailored for the job that the person wants and not just riddled with extra info. Given their long history in the field, these guys understand what a recruiter of a certain job wants to see in their potential employees. Estorytellers mould the resumes in a way that it answers all of the recruiters’ questions concisely and does not waste their time. Estorytellers have mastered the art of writing resumes by following this process.

  • Get all the info about the person
  • Understand the requirements of the job
  • Write the first draft of a tailored resume
  • Edit for grammar, format and error
  • Final review by the head writer
  • Hand over before the deadline

This checklist has brought about numerous successful resumes and continues to do so today as well.





Last but certainly not least, Taletel is a content writing service that believes in personalizing a resume. It focuses on having a detailed discussion with the client regarding their accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses to make a resume absolutely true to their personality.

Of course, mastery in resume writing comes from experience, something that Taletel has in abundance, being in the business for more than a decade. In addition, they take pride in calling themselves highly disciplined and passionate about writing, something that the thousands of clients can confirm they have served so far.

Features offered by Taletel

  • Fast and flexible
  • On deadline
  • Save time and effort
  • Save money

Despite the abundance of resume writing services in Pune, you would be hard-pressed to find any better ones than these three mentioned above. A good mix of experience, passion and dedication makes these three among the top resume writing services in Pune, endorsed by tens of thousands of fully satisfied clients throughout the years. If you need a great resume that lands jobs, you must contact any of these resume writing services. You cannot go wrong with any of them!

If you’ve ever used a computer, you’re aware that the operating system is critical to a program’s ability to load and run. A reliable operating system is regularly updated. Your CV serves as your operating system. A well-written resume/CV is a two-dimensional representation of your professional qualities and personality traits that distinguish you as a valuable employee.

For more than a decade, CV Designers’ team of resume writers, designers, and editors has assisted clients in creating and updating their CVs. They have a team of expert resume writers who know about the ins and outs of various sectors and the qualities that hiring managers looks for in various employment jobs. A CV is your virtual introduction to the world of job security, whether you are starting from scratch or are in the middle of your career path. With the world becoming increasingly virtual, having a representative CV that can filter your profile from various applications has never been more crucial. The team members, including seasoned resume writers and editors, and design superheroes, are the appropriate solution providers and are eager to assist you with your job search.

CV Designer is a one-stop solution for designing and developing operating systems and working through upgrades.

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