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Leap Finance - SOP Writing Case Study


About Leap Finance

Leap Finance is an educational loan-providing agency for Indian students aspiring to study abroad. It is a one-stop destination for students to bankroll their study plans abroad at attractive interest rates and zero collateral demands. Leap Scholar is a product of Leap Finance dedicated to student consultant services.

Client Requirements

We were chosen to provide visa and University Statement of Purpose (SoP) writing services to Leap Scholar. Leap scholar, a single doorway solution to educational consultancy and process assistance abroad, demanded shortlisting worthy and working SoPs for their student profiles. They were looking for professional SOP writers who could balance student profiles and University demands and produce the most impressive SOPs possible.

How did we fulfill the requirements??

At Write Right, Statement of Purpose writing is one of our flagship writing services. Each applicant has a different purpose for articulating, and each institution has its threshold while shortlisting applications based on SOPs.We had our team of professional SoP writers work on each SOP individually. We aimed to clearly understand each applicant’s profile and desired institution demands and frame an SOP that would satisfy both.

Why did Leap Scholar appreciate our work?

We received a huge appreciation from the Leap Scholar team for our work. Here is what made it possible.

Customized SOPs

When taking many SOPs, we take extra care to avoid generalizing the student profiles. For student profiles provided by Leap scholar, we made sure each profile was dealt with equal attention, and we discovered their unique requirements.

Once we understand individual profile requirements, we put our dedicated academic writers to work to provide outstanding customized SOP for each profile.

Best in Quality

Nevertheless, the quantity we always maintained the quality of the work. Each SOP was closely developed with the student profile, institution choices, and stated purpose. Our best academic writers ensured each SOP passed the quality threshold for an excellent SOP. Our time building and mastering SOP expertise were reflected in our work.

Institution Specific format

SOPs must be specific to the Designated Study Institution they will reach. Student profiles sent in by Leap Scholar have diverse study institution choices. Going for the generic reason for all study institutions would mark our content mediocre. Instead, our academic writers carefully considered SOP requirements for each study institution and developed customized SOPs.

Visa SOP

Visa SOPs are pretty different from University SOPs.They had to be carefully crafted to pass the visa approval desk. Our SOP expertise at Write Right helped us to compose hard-to-reject visa SOPs and which made abroad education dreams accessible to hundreds of students.

Rejected visa SOP

An SOP written for a rejected Visa holds great importance. It can make or break an individual’s dream to study abroad. We understood the intricacies of a rejected Visa Sop well and could deliver them satisfactorily.

LOR writing services

SOPs are one of our flagship content writing services, but we must provide Letter of Recommendation services too.SOPs are more impactful when they are coupled with suitable LORs.On request, we delivered quality LORs that perfectly complemented the SOP of student profiles.

Client interaction

SOPs are individual-centered content. So we kept the client interaction window open during our work. All suggestions, recommendations, and even requests were timely accepted and included in our work. It enhanced the quality of our work.

Timely delivery

Academic content delivery needs to be fulfilled within strict timelines. Any delay in content delivery could seriously impact student applications and their dreams. We understand this responsibility well at Write Right and strive to take advantage of all content delivery timelines.

Edits and iterations

No matter what, we put in our best efforts for our content and are always open to edits and revisions based on client requests. We allow free iterations services for 48 hours after the SOP delivery.

So our work commitment continues after content delivery but after client review and feedback.

We also delivered ‘Quality per word’ at Write Right in SOP writing services.

With 2000+ reviews, the highest by any content writing services provider, Write Right is India's No.1 Content Writing Company.

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